Now setup your Roku Account in a Plain-sailing way!

Are you in search of a better guide to set up the brand new Roku streaming player, then your search ends here. We describe everything regarding your Roku account, payments, channels, and updates in a most simple way, follow us and start your Roku journey enthusiastically.

To set up a new account on the Roku Website:

 Once the Roku player is turned on for the first time, you will be displayed with a Summary info.
 Now begin with navigating to the website and then enter the activation code provided.
 This activation code will enable your Roku account.
 Once your Roku Account is active, browse for Roku website from your computer browser.
 Now confirm the code that is displayed on your TV, once done, you are successfully connected with your Roku Account.

Follow the simple steps for Roku Account Registration:

 To know some of the additional details post account creation, you will have to register your Roku account.
 Also, note that this will deleted from your Roku Account in the following days.
 Using the “skip card info” option, you can register without submitting any of your payment details.
How to set up a PIN Number:
 Begin with adding a 4 digit PIN Number to your Roku Account.
 This is very essential for the purchase or adds channels that are associated with your Roku Link Account.
 You will have to enter this PIN Number whenever you are willing to add or purchase a channel.
 This PIN will not be used for free channels and only normal user ID and password will be used.

Submitting your Payment Info:

 You will find a web page form for payment details in your account.
 In the web page, you will have to furnish the details listed below:
1. Card Number
2. Date of Expiration
3. 3 or 4 Digit Code
4. Name, Address, and Mobile Number

Want to delete your card details, follow the below steps:

 First, move on to the Payment Method settings where you will be provided with the options to remove your card details or the PayPal account information.
 Now click the Remove button to delete your account information.
 On clicking the Remove button, your payment information will be removed from your account.

In case you face any problems with entering your payment details, follow the below steps.

 Try any of your other card of PayPal.
 In case you have tried up to 5 times, then your site will allow you to continue without any try again prompts.
Willing to remove or replace a channel from your Roku account, follow the below steps:
 You have two methods that can be followed to delete or replace the channels.
 Firstly, try by either logging into your Roku account or Roku channel store to delete or replace the authorized channels.
 Or you can also remove or replace the channels from your Roku Player.
Hope this article is very helpful for you in registering with your Roku account. For more details, you can contact us and we will guide you.