How to Resolve Problems with Roku IR Remote?

Resolve Roku IR (Infrared) Remote problems

Regardless of whether you have the standard IR remote or a point-anyplace, remote issues on the Roku are uncommon. Decide the sort of Roku remote you are utilizing even before you start troubleshooting on the grounds that diverse remotes required distinctive medications in case of a disappointment. Evacuate the battery cover of the compartment to search for the pairing button and in the event that this is absent, at that point it implies you have a standard IR remote.

Working of the Standard IR

  • IR meaning Infrared light is utilized to send signals to the IR transmitter situated on the player.
  • This kind of sensor sends short-remove signals effectively.
  • In the meantime, for the gadget to work dependably, point it specifically at the player and guarantee that there is no item between the remote and the device.

Reasons for malfunction

  • The Roku device radiates erratic responses when you press a button on the Roku remote.
  • Then again, it doesn’t react to every activities. While you believe that the remote is lethargic or is simply not working, the most widely recognized reason for a breakdown is because of missed button presses.
  • Totally or somewhat blocked places of the device and the remote could likewise result in a breakdown.
  • The second most regular explanation behind practical intrusion is low or dead battery cells.


  • From where you are sitting, you ought to almost certainly observe the front of the Roku device.
  • Point the remote downwards against the Roku device, while holding it higher or over your head.
  • Point it straightforwardly at the Roku without any obstacles in the middle of, at all.
  • The remote could turn out to be increasingly responsive when you test it from a few spots.
  • You should check if there are obstructions put before the device that are blocking signals.
  • If not, simply place the Roku device in a position where the remote best reacts to button presses.


  • Reset the batteries by evacuating them and after that putting them once more into their compartments if the Roku device isn’t reacting to commands issued by the remote.
  • Then again, for cases where the remote is as yet inert, change the batteries and check if the remote button presses get a reaction from the device.

New remote

  • For stubborn issues, where the remote and the device simultaneously stay static and don’t work, have a go at getting another remote control gadget.
  • It is best to acquire a protected remote from Roku’s embellishments store on the website.
  • Here, every remote accompanies a lot of compatible devices. Ensure you check the rundown before you make a buy.

The app

  • Roku gives clients a free app that is downloadable from the Google play store for Android devices and the Apple store for iPhones.
  • In the meantime, you can likewise utilize the app to check the responsiveness of the player and on the off chance that it is truly reacting to commands.
  • Along these lines, you can distinguish the precise idea of the fault with the remote.

Specific devices

  • For the Roku Premiere Model 3920 discharged a year ago, some extra guidelines apply too.
  • The Roku remote for this device could get excessively hot amid ordinary use.
  • In such cases, stop remote use and spot the remote on a non-combustible surface to give it a chance to chill off.

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