Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause

In order to enhance the user experience, Roku is constantly improving its features. As a part of its features, live video pause is one of the excellent features, with which you can pause the live video for about 90 minutes of time. But this option is valid only when you are using an antenna or if you connect the cable Tv without any set-top box. The live video can be paused by connecting a 6 GB USB flash drive to the Roku TV. So if you miss any important scene during the live telecast, you can just rewind it to see the scene that you have missed.

Live TV Pause

By using a 16 GB storage input, the live video can be stored or recorded for up to 90 minutes. More than 90 minutes you cannot save any video content because a 16 GB storage can save only that much content. To pause a video, in the Roku device, you have to choose the play/pause key. Also, with the rewind button, you can record the content for up to 90 minutes. In case you are moving on to the other channel, or you are gonna turn off your TV, then the recording process will also be terminated.


For live TV pause, USB 2.0 compatible flash drive with a capacity of 16GB is necessary. Also, be aware that once you plug in the drive, all the data in the drive will be deleted. So use only the drive with zero data in it. The roke device should be provided with at least two ports to perform these activities. During the reformatting process, use only one flash drive. Once the process is over, you can use another drive. This live pause option will just pause the current program. This file cannot be transferred for any further use.

What to do If Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause?

While using this pause option, sometimes you may face errors like, the video not streaming or the video content may be black, to fix this issue, follow the below steps.

Weak signal:

Only if the signal is strong, you will receive a clear picture of the video as it is a live streaming video.  Poor signal strength, which may arise due to the device issues or the environmental issues, may cause buffering in the video. To check the signal strength, you may click the OK button on the Roku remote, on pressing you will display with the bars, by which you can guess your signal strength. The signal strength can also be altered with the help of an antenna.

Defect in USB drive:

Check whether your USB port and the flash drive is defect-free. During the formatting process, check the USB drive in the Roku device. Any defect in this may also lead to poor video content while recording.


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