What to do if you cannot see the video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?


Video Not Seen on TV from the Roku

Roku permits you to watch videos both paid and free on your TV with the prompt internet connection. This device has some of the premium features like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and so on. From these apps you can watch a video that is launched a day before, also you can get access to watch a pre-recorded video from Hulu. You can also other video services like Sling TV. With the aid of a Roku streaming device, the capacity of the Satellite and Cable TV content is enhanced. The need for cable TV is diminishing when you have a TV connected to an antenna.

About the Devices:

Frequently, Roku is launching updated and recently released videos in the market with greater performance. Nowadays there are many devices that offer HDR video content on the TV. With HDR and 4K, the picture quality is improved in terms of both brightness and color.

Check Below If you cannot see video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?


Roku devices do not purposely end up with issues, but sometimes people may face issues like videos not streaming properly in the player. In case of those problems, you will have to follow some of the troubleshooting steps.


Check whether the Roku device and the TV is directly connected. In case if it is connected via a sound bar or AVR, you will have to disconnect it and connect the TV and the Roku device directly. Also, change the Roku device from the screensaver or standby mode.


Some of the reasons why the video is not streaming in the Roku device is given as follows:


The common mistake that causes this issue is that you may have chosen the wrong source on the Tv to connect your Roku device. There may be several input ports via which you can connect the Roku and enjoy watching videos of your choice. To choose the right port, just check the port name like HDMI1, AUX, HDMI2, AUX, etc., and then fix the cable in the right source. Go through the user manual to make the connections promptly. Pick the right go.roku.com/selectinput and then choose the enter or select option with the help of a TV remote. Wait for some time so that the TV detects the video.

Video Cable:

When the cable is damaged, or when the cable is not fixed properly, then you may not able to view the video content. Check whether the Roku cable is connected firmly to the HDMI connector or port on the TV. In case if you make use of a composite connector, check the type of connectivity again.

TV Problems:

If you have tried all the above-mentioned steps, but still the issue persists, then the problem is with your TV. If possible try to connect Roku with some other Tv to check its functionality. If nothing works, just disconnect all the cables and reboot your device.

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