Why Does My TV Switch to a Different Device When trying to Use my Roku Streaming Player?


Why Does My TV Switch to a Different Device?

It is a typical thing, that getting a few mistakes amid the Roku device establishment and activation. At the point when the Roku streaming player is associated utilizing the HDMI cable or with CEC empowered devices, greater likelihood is there for the devices to separate. While this detachment occurs, the TV may pick some other association and change to another device and gain out of power from the remote.

To Solve this Error, Some Basic Ideas and Steps Should be Followed

HDMI implies High Definition Multimedia Interface which is utilized to associate the audio and video devices. CEC characterizes Consumer Electronics Control and it is a feature of the HDMI standard which upgrades the execution of HDMI associated devices. Roku device has one feature called one touch play, which naturally empowers the TV to turn on the Roku player input, when the remote button is squeezed.

Proceed with the following steps, if your TV is switching to another device

  • Evacuate the HDMI cable on the two finishes from the TV and the Roku device. At that point reconnect immovably with the finishes and ensure your HDMI cable is a deserted one or not. In the meantime, utilize the first HDMI cable from the Roku package. Utilizing some other distinctive cable can prompt inconveniences. Experiment with another HDMI port on your device and TV. Now and again, flaws are there in the port which prompts disappointment in the connection.
  • On the off chance that the inconvenience isn’t with the HDMI cable wires, at that point center around the power cord.
  • Unplug the power cord from the Roku device and TV, at that point after some time, plug the cord solidly with the devices and the power outlet.
  • On the off chance that the connection inconvenience emerges, attempt to abstain from utilizing the Audio Video receiver device (AVR)
  • Associate the Roku player specifically to your TV utilizing the HDMI cable from the Roku package.
  • Associate your TV to the internet network and refresh the firmware for your TV.

Check 1 Touch Play Option

Pursue the underneath ventures to handicap the one touch play alternative in the Roku settings.

  • Go to the Roku home menu by squeezing the Home button in the Roku remote. At that point enter the settings menu and select the ‘system’ alternative.
  • In the system, select the ‘control other devices’ and guarantee the one touch play alternative is empowered or handicapped. Impair it by expelling the tick choice in the case.
  • Regardless of whether the one touch play is handicapped and your TV is changing to another gadget, at that point check the CEC on your TV and impair it.

The issues can be fixed by following any of the above steps.

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